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Australian Wine Industry

Australia is a country producer topped the world leader in both quality and quantity.

As one of the leading countries in the application and development of science and technology in the wine industry, along with favorable natural conditions and professionalization, Australian wines are evaluated for extremely diverse and excellent quality. Australian wines are among the top wines in the world.

Through a long history of more than 200 years, today, Australia has 62 wine growing regions clearly delineated with a cultivated area of about 160,000 hectares in southern states such as South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales. and Western Australia, where the climate is cooler than in the North.

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Some suggestions for combining wine and food

Some suggestions for combining wine and food

26 April, 2021 Design

Here, Saigon FS will suggest to you some ways to combine wine with certain types of food and circumstances. - Used for aperitifs * White wine - sour * Sparkling wine - For appetizers (for cold foods, salads) * White wine - sour * Pink - sour wine - For appetizers (with hot food, pizza, quiches) * White wine -