Saigon FS Co., Ltd. was established with the mission to bring to a healthy life and spread a strong message about the need to use quality products, high-end good for your health and enhance the quality of life Vietnamese.

Starting from fine wines, Saigon FS has been constantly developing and trying to expand to bring to Vietnam the best and best quality brands from the country of kangaroos.

So far, Saigon FS was honored with the high trust from partners and customers. Currently, Saigon FS are representative exclusive distribution of 4 major wine brands from Australia in the Vietnam market.

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The beginnings of the
Australian wine industry

Australia is a wine producing country extremely important both in quantity and quality wines. In terms of output, the country ranked 6th and to 3/2010 is the 4th exporter in the world, with production of wine exports is 772 million liters annually.

In 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip laid the first foundations when planting vine branches in the Sydney Bay area. However, the harsh climate in this area causes the vines to not grow well.

Through a long history of more than 200 years, today, Australia has 65 wine regions clearly delineated with a cultivated area of about 160,000 hectares in southern states such as South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales. and Western Australia, where the climate is cooler than in the North.

About Australian Wine

Australian Wine Industry Great progress

By 1850, Australian Wine was gradually distributed around the world, mainly as fortified wines. In 1960, the Australians produced more and more quality wines. In which there are three famous types in the world such as: Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Some famous areas to mention such as the Barossa, McLaren Vale, Yarra Valley, Riverina or Murray Darling.

Australia has developed a comprehensive naming system that reflects the high standards of production and the reputation of wines.

Style of Australian wine production is also extremely diverse: from wine Shiraz not sweet, wine Riesling with fruity highlights, wine Chardonnay soaked in oak barrels or not, wine Semillon Hunter valley until the line The world’s most delicious and complex dessert wine.

Overall, Australia has a longstanding and highly regarded wine industry. Along with the constant development of technology and creativity constantly, Australian wine will also reap the most significant achievements in the future.