Australian Wine industry development history

Australian Wine industry development history

Australia is one of the leading countries on the application of scientific and technological development in the wine industry. Along with favorable natural conditions and the professionalization, quality Australian wine, extremely diverse and large position on the international.
Originated in 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip brought the first vine from Europe to Australia. Initially they are grown in a small area near the Sydney Harbor Bridge, but due to unsuitable soil, they do not thrive.

Then John Macarthur planted in more fertile Hunter Valley and they have flourished. Through a long history of more than 200 years, today, the whole of Australia has 62 wine growing regions clearly delineated with a cultivated area of about 160,000 hectares in the southern states such as South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales. and Western Australia, where the climate is cooler than in the North.

While most of the Australian wine industry was directly influenced by Great Britain, the Barossa valley wine industry was dominated by German industrial influence from the first German residents to hide from the mistreatment of Prussians – Silesia. , now is the country of Poland.

Today the Barossa valley is one of the most famous wine regions in the world, being honored as Bordeaux (France), Napa (Californi – USA) and Tuscany (NSW-Australia). With the production of grapes continually popular more than 150 years, six generations of evil wine growers and wine producers have formed the Barossa as the leading place of Australia in the production of wine craft with own uniqueness special.

From an unnamed country in the wine industry, Australia has become the world’s fifth-largest wine exporter by volume, with more than half of its production for export. Australian wine world famous with high quality and diversity of species, thanks to more than 60 vineyards stretching across the country, with the grapes are selected in accordance with the characteristics of the climate and soil of each region. In addition, the Australian government spends a large amount of investment in technology and technology for the wine industry, making Australia’s wine products young but having a firm foothold in the world.

Assessed overview, industry Australian wine is classified as an advanced mode of operation of modern development and application of high technology, engineering winemaking style science combined with elements people flexibly. Therefore, Australia’s wine future will be further expanded and developed in many more directions in the future.

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