Basic rules when enjoying wine

Basic rules when enjoying wine

Nowadays, European dishes in luxury parties have gradually become indispensable in combination with wine – the wonderful “lover” makes the dishes become richer and more refined. However, it is not well known and fully grasp the basic criteria to enjoy wine-standard. Let Saigon FS discover it yourself!

1. Look at a glass of wine

The first rule when you drink wine. Wine should be poured not exceed 1/2 glass to observe the color, as well as match the adhesive strength of wine. If possible, see what grape is made from the label on the bottle, by which manufacturer. Thus you can evaluate the overview of wines you prepare to enjoy. For premium red wines for a long time, still perfect quality (which is very rare and very expensive) usually have red-brown, the kind commonly used and generally have fewer years than ruby red.

2. Gently shake the glass

Once you have a glass of wine in your hand, do not rush to drink it immediately like regular wines. Gently shake the glass to let the wine float to see more closely the adhesion and help us feel the fullest of the next steps. And always keep the principle in mind – limit contact with the body of the wine glass, hold it at the base of the glass to limit the effect on the original flavor of the wine.


3. Smelling scents

After the wine is gently shaken up into a glass and slowly drifting down, you should put your nose in the mouth of the glass to smell and feel all the unique and natural flavors that are unique to wine. Maybe you will smell the smoke, the scent of oak barrels, fruity, apple, vanilla or some certain fruits.

4. Taste and enjoy a glass of wine

This is the main stages to feel exactly the flavor of wine. After taste perception, you begin to taste the wine with the taste. Let a little air in your mouth with a little wine, because it will taste a lot richer. Remember that in this step you just suck a little wine in mouth whiff. Sometimes the wine tasting party, you will encounter the image of a wine connoisseur one eye half closed, tilt your neck back. Do not be surprised, because it’s a way to feel the best wine flavor, let the drops of wine from around the tongue before spreading into the throat.

5. Sipping wine aftertaste

Slowly open your eyes in the reclining position, you can feel and appreciate the taste of the wine left over after drinking. May be slightly sour, acrid or more concentrations can also be indescribable sweetness, gentle nudge that we can not grasp. And only in this step, you can see the taste of honey, vanilla, taste characteristics of natural vegetation present in wine, gently diffuse scent mingled with the pungent vapor.

Above are some tips on wine will surely help you in the luxurious banquet or the time to enjoy the wine to feel the essence of this wonderful wine. You can also check out the wine experiences and premium wine bottles at Saigon FS!

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