Ways to combine wine with popular food

Ways to combine wine with popular food

For many “connoisseurs” of wine, having delicious wine but not having suitable food is considered “spoiled all candies”! Or having good food without the right wine is also a waste of food!

The rule of meats with wine is generally to say: White wine should go with white meat (poultry, seafood), red wine should go with red meat (beef, pork, lamb).

Here we introduce to you some of the basic rules of combining non-absolute, but to help you discover your favorite flavors.

The interaction of 4 tastes: Salt increases bitterness – Bitter reduces sour taste – Sweet reduces the taste of sour, bitter and salty.

The wine is too acrid (or the high tannin content) that combined with foods that have an acrid or bitter taste will make the wine dry and not drinkable. Protein reduces tannins in wine. For example drink more sour with undercooked beef is very tasty.

Wines containing more tannins combined with sweet food will reduce the sweetness of foods, also with salty foods will increase the chat. Salty foods will lose sweetness and increase fruit smell of sweet wine. Alcohol has a high acid content, if combined with sweet or salty foods will decrease the wine goes sour. Wine has a lot of acidity that goes well with oily foods.

Order the use of wine during the meal (if you have the opportunity to use many types of wine at a time): In general, people usually start with young wines and ending with the perennial wine bottle.

* White wine before red wine is used.
* Type of light before heavy.
* Young wine before mature wine.
* Drink cold front wines to cool wines.
* Drinking wine before wine soothe sour
* Drink regular wines before good wines.

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